Optimise offer Neurological Physiotherapy treatment for a wide range of conditions and goals.  Providing this to our patients within the comfort of their home.

What can we help with?

Individuals with a neurological condition may experience a range of physical and sensory difficulties.

This could include:

  • Weakness or paralysis of the whole body or part of the body
  • Altered movement and reduced coordination such as ataxia
  • Fatigue
  • Involuntary muscle activity such as spasticity, spasms or movement disorders such as tremors
  • Altered sensation and loss of sensation
  • Altered perception of the body or environment
  • Reduced balance
  • Dizziness
  • Associated complications such as pain, stiff shortened muscles (contractures), and pressure sores

What to Expect: Assessment

After you have made contact and we have had an initial chat, we will come to your home and carry out a thorough assessment. This will include gathering information and looking at your physical presentation to identify your needs. We will then work together with you to set goals that are important to you. The Optimise team will always work jointly with you, your family and/or carers to develop a programme that is tailored to your abilities and enables you to Optimise your potential.

What to Expect: Treatment and Management Programmes

Neurological Physiotherapy aims to support you to recover lost function or learn alternative ways of functioning, as well as helping to manage and minimise any challenging symptoms. A neuro physio will often provide hands-on guidance to influence muscles and sensation, with the aim of achieving more efficient movement, improved function and greater comfort.

A physiotherapy programme with the Optimise 4 Team may include:

  • Retraining of functional abilities
  • Improving mobility
  • Re-education of walking
  • Balance training and falls prevention
  • Fatigue management
  • Increasing confidence and independence
  • Prescribing an independent exercise programme and supporting self-management
  • Muscle strengthening
  • Stretches and soft tissue mobilisation
  • Standing programmes
  • Managing spasticity and tone
  • 24-hour postural management
  • Assessing equipment needs
  • Support to access leisure activities and hobbies
  • Advice and training for carers
  • Sign-posting to other professionals where indicated

What to expect: Prices and Duration

Session duration and price can vary depending on your need.
We can also provide treatment with more than one physiotherapist. 

Do not hesitate to get in touch with any queries or to discuss your needs.

Optimise your independence

Build your confidence

Enrich your quality of life

Achieve your  goals

The stepping stones to rehabilitation


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